Services are held each Sunday at 10:30 a.m.

November 5th– Reverend Michelle George Yates  The Times They Are A-Changing”

Twice a year, in these parts, we change our clocks. Sometimes we gain and sometimes we lose an hour. In the over 50 years since Bob Dylan wrote the song as an anthem of change, sometimes we’ve gained and sometimes we’ve lost, but what has really changed.


November 12th-  Reverend Donald J. Reidell  “Freedom of Choice  

My theme for this Sunday is the importance of choice in our lives.


November 19th- Reverend Michelle George Yates  “The Blessing”

If ever we feel compelled to pray before a meal it’s certainly at a holiday gathering. But how does one do it? Let’s gather to consider what or who to invoke, how to pray, and what it is we are thankful for.


November 26th–  Susan Frawley  “Pilgrims  for Peace

Celebrating the journey for freedom which was inspired by religious intolerance. UU’s have a sacred legacy with our forebears who were part of that voyage. Peace is still an illusive goal and even harder to create today. How can we walk as pilgrims in a land that yearns for peace? What does being a pilgrim mean? What do UU’s and the early pilgrims have in common?  How can peace be found today by those who seek it?  Come and travel with us on a voyage to new lands of peace.

(Potluck Luncheon to follow this service)