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Walking Together – January 2015

by Michelle Yates

Walking Together In the month of January, our to do lists might be a bit shorter, the overall hustle and bustle of life a bit less.  After three months of mounting holiday frenzy, we find ourselves in a month with no holidays requiring decorations, cards, costumes, gifts, or coordinating of schedules.  It’s a chance to […]

Walking Together – May 2015

by Michelle Yates

As many of you know, I was recently granted preliminary fellowship as a UU minister. This means the UUA and I have done some rigorous work to “vet” me as a minister, and the denomination fully supports any church that chooses to ordain me. Given my recent affirmation of my path, I feel called to […]

Walking Together – April 2015

by Michelle Yates

I feel like Christmas and Easter are some of the most challenging times to be a UU. It is in these seasons more than any other that we find ourselves asked some of the most dreaded of questions: “What do UUs believe?” “Do you celebrate Easter?” “Are you saved?” It’s challenging to answer these questions […]

Walking Together – February 2015

by Michelle Yates

Walking Together People everywhere enjoy talking about the weather, but it has certainly become a focus of conversation lately. I’ve heard it said that if you were born after 1965 you won’t remember a winter that was ever this cold for this long. Most everyone has had some activity or another cancelled due to the […]


by Michelle Yates

Welcome to the Unitarian Universalist Church of Hamburg!  Whether you are a long time member or are visiting here for the first time, you are welcome here.  Whether you are old or young, rich or poor, gay or straight, whatever the color of your skin or your ethnic or religious background, we welcome you to […]